Welcome to MEGTEC AMAL in Sweden, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of unwinding and rewinding equipment.

MEGTEC AMAL, a company in the Sequa group, is located in Åmål, Sweden on the shores of lake Vänern.

We are the world’s largest manufacturer of machinery primarily for unwinding, rewinding and splicing paper and other materials supplied in reels.
The elimination of downtime during reel changing means that customers can work efficiently on the basis of continuous material flow, avoiding wastage and time loss. Typical applications include commercial printing, newspaper production, packaging and converting, business forms and label manufacturing.

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Welcome to MEGTEC!

MEGTEC supplies splicers, dryers and oxidizers for web offset printing, web coating, packaging, paper & tissue, and other industrial markets. We also provide energy and engineering services designed to maximize productivity and performance.

We have manufacturing and R&D facilities in the US, France, Sweden, Germany and China with regional sales, service and parts centers.

Our goal is to deliver complete product and service solutions to meet specific customer needs.


The company was founded in 1911 as a foundry. The location was almost the same as today, and one of the first products was an iron stove for household purposes.

The 20’s
The largest customer was the Swedish Railroad Company, for which AMAL did different kinds of reparations. AMAL survived the big bank failure in 1929 with the help of a local priest who invested money in the company and became a large share holder.

The 30’s
The company carried on doing work for the Railroad Company manufacturing brakes for railway carriages. Other products were frames for pianos and parts for trucks. During a period AMAL even sold Volvo cars.

In 1937, the same year as the company appointed its first female president, AMAL made a profit record: about 800 dollars.

The 40’s
During the war the company manufactured products for the Swedish National Defense. After the war AMAL started again producing parts for trucks. AMAL also sold an American truck called International.
In 1947 the buildings were ravaged by a big fire.

The 50’s
In 1951 Mrs Beth Weiner was appointed as the second female president of the company. The production consisted of toilet roll making machines and flexopresses.

The 60’s
The buildings were ravaged by a second fire. The manufacturing of AMAL Shafts and slitter rewinders started.

The 70’s
The company starts to manufacture flying splicers. The first semiautomatic model was called AMAL AR1000 and was a success. Most of them are still in operation.

The 80’s
In 1983 the company got a new owner, the investment company Wermia, listed on the Swedish Stock Exchange. The manufacturing of Integral Flying Splicers and Turret Rewinders starts. Due to a unique design, the Integral Splicers could be installed in the lower frame of the printing unit. Replacing the manual reel stand. The machine was a success and became the main product at AMAL. More than 1500 units have been installed all over the world.

The 90’s
In the early 90’s AMAL and our sister company Enkel Corporation in Rockford, IL, were acquired by Baldwin Technology. The product line changed from small integral splicers to larger freestanding machines. The model AR60 was introduced and became one of the most popular splicers for single width newspaper presses in Europe. In the mid 90’s we listened to printers’ wishes for the future and in the late 90’s we launched the AR80 Berry. A splicer based on the latest technology that can be installed on single- as well as double wide printing presses.

MEGTEC AMAL is providing quality equipment manufactured to individual customer’s needs, backed by an excellent customer service program.


For further information about our products or our dealers, please contact;

Box 9
Västra Bangatan 8
S-662 21 Åmål, Sweden
Tel. +46 532 629 00
Fax. +46 532 629 99


For urgent service calls outside office hours, please call our
AMAL Hot-Line +46 532 160 70

Västra Bangatan 8
Box 9
S-662 21 Åmål, Sweden
Tel. +46 532 629 00
Fax +46 532 629 99

Västra Bangatan 8
Box 9
S-662 21 Åmål, Sweden
Tel. +46 532 629 00
Fax +46 532 629 99

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